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Your Library Card

Getting a card, renewing materials, placing holds, etc.

Who can get a card

Any person who resides in the townships of Brant, St. Charles and Swan Creek as well as the residents of the service area of the White Pine Library Cooperative with services available to all others for a fee of $75.00.  Any one applying for a library card, or in the case of a minor child or dependent person, a parent or legal guardian must present photo identification with the name and address of the applicant or the parent/guardian.

 How to Get Your Card

All library cards are the property of the St. Charles District Library.

The same style library card will be issued to all patrons regardless of age, gender, and place of residence, race or religious affiliation.

No library card shall be issued to a minor person without the prior written consent and acceptance of responsibility for any and all fines, losses or assessments against the library card requested to be issued by such minor person’s parent or legal guardian.

The person in whose name the library card is issued shall be responsible and liable for any and all fines, loses, or fees assessed against said card.  Parents or guardians of minor children or persons under the supervision must present picture identification before a card is issued. 

Borrowing Limits

Borrowing of library materials available for circulation shall not be restricted because of age, gender, race, religion, political affiliation or personal viewpoints.  Parents may restrict the materials that their children and only their children, may borrow.  It is the duty of the parents to monitor any restrictions on their children.  It is not the duty of the library staff.

Patrons are required to present their library card in order to checkout library materials.

Placing Holds

Circulating materials listed in the holdings catalog of the library but not in the library may be placed on reserve or hold by any library cardholder.  The library material includes but is not restricted to books, periodicals, videotapes, audiobooks, CD’s, Hooked 0n Phonics.

Materials on order at the library may have a reserve placed on them by a library cardholder.  Reserves may be placed either in person, by telephone or online at the library website.  Patrons placing materials on reserve will be contacted by telephone, email or U.S. Mail.


Patrons will have 10 working days in which to claim materials on reserve once they have been contacted.  If unclaimed within the allotted time, the material will either be offered to the next patron on the list or returned to the shelf for general circulation.

There are no fees levied for placing a reserve on library owned material.

Renewing Your Borrowed Items

Library material may be renewed twice.Books on reserve may not be renewed.  Patrons can renew an item in person, by telephone or by accessing your library account through our website.

Library Fines

Overdue fees  - $.05/day maximum on allmaterial is $4.00/item

When fines exceed $2.00 a patron will be limited to two (2) items out at any time.When fines exceed $5.00, borrowing privileges will be suspended until fines are paid in full.


Any patron who borrows materials from the St. Charles District Library is responsible for returning those materials in a timely manner and in good condition.  When a patron fails to return borrowed material or reports it lost, the patron will make restitution to the library by paying for the materials plus the processing costs.

A patron is requested to pay for damages when the material returned is beyond repair or no longer usable.  The patron may request the damaged material upon payment for the material.